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Happy Monday Loves!!

Hope you’re all having a great Monday so far! I just wanted to share the outfit that I wore yesterday to the cemetery. Visiting a cemetery can be a bittersweet feeling, in my case it’s more sweeter than sour. My sister and I made a visit to my wonderful grandfather Sunday morning. I wore this outfit to represent happiness. Happiness because he is in a much better place and no longer suffering.

His favorite color was Aqua, so I thought this shirt would be a nice way to involve a liking of his.

Remember, only because they’re gone from this world it doesn’t mean they’re gone from our lives; the impact they made will always remain.

Xo, Steph!



Falling for Fall





Good Morning and happy Wednesday my loves! 💙 hope you are all having a greatweek thus far.

I am sharing yesterday’s work outfit with you guys since I am currently obsessing over this dress and weather.

This dress was a major steal deal! I purchased it at h&m for ONLY $14.95 and yes, that was the original price! I practically live in long sleeves so this dress was a must add to my closet. I love the different lengths at the bottom, it gives it a lot more volume which I absolutely  love since I do have a petite frame. I wore this dress with some beige/nude pumps and some rose gold accessories which I felt tied the whole outfit together.

I hope you all liked my outfit today, I got a lot of compliments on the dress. If you do end up purchasing it, please tag me so I can also see how you style this lovely dress 💋

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Outfit Details:
H&M Dress
Coach Pumps
Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch
Forever21 Rings

Happy Monday!


Happy Monday my loves 💛 I just wanted to wish you all a very happy, blessed and productive week.

Also, here is a quick outfit picture of what I wore to work today. I love starting my week on a good note. Whether it’s Monday or Friday, whether I feel great or not I always enjoy dressing up. 

Looking your best can make you feel your best.

Outfit Details:
Top: Forever21
Cardigan: Vintage
Skirt: Forever21
Shoes: BCBG
Accessories: Michael Kors

It’s my Birthday!!


Today I am celebrating my 22nd Birthday! WOOT WOOT! I am so happy and thankful with all the blessing that my God has given me.
I am extra thankful for my family, co-workers, friends, and classmates who made my birthday much more special =)
I am a very lucky girl or should I say blessed? 😉

For my birthday this year I got to celebrate in different ways. I celebrated with my classmates and co-worker and now I’m celebrating in Cancun. Here are some (phone) pictures of where I’m currently staying and also some special gifts that I received from my parents.





Thank You Lord!

I am nothing but happy and satisfied with my life.
First, I’m a proud Christian and I’m not looking back. Different things come up and many obstacles stand in the way, but I’ve learned how to be a better person through the word of God. God is so wonderful and his mercy is so big, I can’t thank him enough.
Secondly, my family is amazing. I love my family! They’re the people who will always make me feel better, support me and be there for me no matter what. I am so blessed by being part of them and I wouldn’t trade them for the world!
&& last but not least, I am very happy in my relationship. My boyfriend spoils me SO much, it’s unbelieveable. He recently got me a promise ring and he’s working so great and hard at his job, which just makes me really excited for our future 🙂

I’ve learned how to embrace what I have and I’m so thankful for the way things have turned out..I wouldn’t change a thing. (Not even my past because I don’t live in the past, I just learn from it)<3 This is just a little something I wanted to share, because I'm loving life at the moment and everyone has the right to live a happy life! I wish you all nothing but the very best and don't forget to smile, look at the bright side of things and don't let anybody/thing bring you down. God bless you all
Xo -Steph